Drake – More Life ( Review )

Drake is a Toronto Canada rapper/ singer who has released his 8th studio project on March 18th titled ” More Life. With Drake releasing many singles such as ” Fake Love, Sneakin, and 2 Birds 1 Stone, I honestly thought More Life was going to be Drakes best project yet, unfortunately it disappointed me in many ways.

More Life starts off with a banger intro called ” Free Smoke, where Drake states his dominance in the rap game. What confused, and aggravated me was that Drake considers himself a dominant figure in hip-hop, but when he releases a project its mostly to attract his R&B and Pop audience. The problem with this project was that Drake spent to much time trying to make the next R&B hit instead of trying to make the next hip-hop hit. With tracks on this project like ” Portland, No Long Talks, and KMT, they are very weak, and is very irritating when Drake switches his flow to this Jamaican accent, and does a poor job doing it. Some of his singing tracks are not bad, but Drake almost covers a whole project with just singing, with a bad execution of raping. Tracks like ” Get It Together, Glow, and Fake Love are great tracks and great music to dance too, with well put together production and features. I understand every song wont be perfect but sometimes it seems like Drake doesn’t give hip-hop 100% as he tries to do with his R&B records. If you could be the next Jay Z why focus on being the next Usher.

More Life deserves a solid 6.5/10 because what Drake delivered was not on the level of his past work, and for showing favoritism to one genre of music then the other. Drake is considered one of the best rappers out but in my eyes he is a long way from it.


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