DJ Khaled – Grateful ( Review )

This is DJ Khaled’s 10th album, this will be a different type of review to breakdown his 2 part album. To get right into it this album was a huge miss, and very sloppy. This album really brings a lot of throw away, forgettable songs that feels like a missing piece to a puzzle. Songs like ” I’m The One, Don’t Quit, and Down For Life really panders to a whole different audience with a more pop like sound which sounds really mediocre in some shape of the song. The best tracks on this album is the more lyrical acts like ” Billy Ocean, Good Man, and On Everything, which shows that some artist just can create better lyrical content then others. Also I was very impressed of how Nicki Minaj steps up to the plate to become a heavy hitter on this project.

I feel there are a lot of wasteful verses and songs from artist that really showed a disappointing performance. Personally I feel Chance The Rapper on the 10th track ” I Love You So Much, is one of the most lowest points on this album. Chance is rapping about how much he loves his daughter over a very childish instrumental where at the end of the track has him rapping his ABC’s. Khaled tries to present Travis Scott and Future as heavy acts on this album which is a huge problem considering the fact that he over uses them on many tracks.

There are decent tracks on this album but the problem is that the songs that comes out good doesn’t compare to the songs on his last project ” Major Key. This album compared to Major Key has taken a huge step down because I feel DJ Khaled is trying to settle a lot of mainstream artist on many pop tracks but honestly shows that some artist, just doesn’t belong together on some tracks.

This Album Deserves a Solid 5.5/10 because of a sloppy project, many throwaway tracks, forgettable verses, and for not living up to the promise of being this being his best album yet. This may be a low point for DJ Khaled but I hope next time he deliver a better project, and actually uses his artist the proper way.


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  1. Tamica says:

    This review is very accurate ‼️💯 it’s a good one 🔥


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