Meek Mill – Wins & Losses ( Review )

On July 21st Meek Mill Released His 3rd Studio Album Titled ” Wins & Losses”. After A Long 2 Years For Meek Mill He Was Finally Ready To Discus What He Defines A Win, And What He Defines A Lost. On May 21st Meek Released, Glow Up The First Single From The Album. Following Glow Up He Released Whatever You Need, Young Black America, & Issues. These 4 Singles Seemed As If Meek Was Very Focused, And Wins & Losses Showed The Full Growth Of Meek Mill.

The Album Starts Off With An Amazing Intro That Feels Like The Opening To The Dreams & Nightmares Project With Different Tones In The Production, From A Slow And Methodical Paste To A High Energized Bass With Meek Showing He Hasn’t Stop Grinding & Showing His Mark Is Still Being Made. One Thing I Saw In This Album Is Growth, I Love Hearing Tracks Like Heavy Heart, 1942 Flow, & Never Lose, Because It Shows The Battles Meek Has Been Through & How It Did Not Break Him. Songs Like ” We Ball ” Meek & Young Thug Tell The Feeling Of Losing People Who Were Close To Their Hearts & How It Is Hard For Them To Trust People. Listening To We Ball You Can Hear The Pain In Meek & Thugs Voice By Them Just Preaching That It Left There Mind Out Of State, But Has To Keep Grinding For There Loved Ones. One Of The Best Songs On This Project Is 1942 Flow Where Meek Touches On Various Of Topics Such As Growing Up From The Hood To A Fabulous Lifestyle, Different People Who Looked Down On Him While He Tries To Prove Them Wrong, And How He Will Not Quit & Always Strive & Prosper.

In 2017 There Were Many Projects That Touched One Many Topics But I Feel The 13th Track Titled ” YBA ” ( Young Black America ) Is One Of Deepest Tracks To Be Projected This Year. YBA Talks About A Boy Named King Who Is Headed Down The Wrong Road With His Brother Killed & Living A Life Of Selling Drugs. Meek Speaks On The Different Challenges This Young Boy Faced Growing Up In His Neighborhood While Still Learning How To Become A Man On His Own.

This Album Deserves A 9/10 For Amazing Production, A Phenomenal Roll Out, Incredible Lyrics, Passionate Story Telling, & For A Perfect Album. This Album Shows A lot Of Growth And Hard Work. It Also Shows The Determination Of Possibly Being One Of The Best Albums Of 2017.


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  1. Tamica says:

    I normally don’t listen to Meek , but I would agree with you on this review from what I’ve heard and seen he does deserve his recognition


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