XXXENTACION – 17 ( Review )

On August 25th 2017 X released his debut studio album ” 17. X first single from this project was titled Revenge, bringing a very depressed vibe when speaking about his friend who commits suicide. For a first single X went down a dark road but later on he announces that this project would be for people who are dealing with depression, and who are going threw struggles in there life. No matter how dark this project is X proved his point at the end of it all.

X starts off this album with a track titled ” The Explanation where he is warning listeners that they are about to go down a path of nightmares, and real life situations lived by X himself. X named the second track after his friend who took her own life away ” Jocelyn Flores, and delivers this emotional vibe where he is telling all of his pain and suffering mentally to the point to where he says he wants to end himself by putting 10 shots in his brain, and preaches multiple times that he is constantly going threw pain. Many tracks on this album shows A broken side which I feel is very mature of X, many artist keep so much pain inside that it breaks them but X delivers all his pains and struggles threw his music and delivers it in a incredible way.

I fine this album very unique, everyone goes threw pain threw out there life but only a few actually shows it. X shows this depressing side but brings a different type of emotion on each track, whether its on tracks like ” Everyone Dies At Night where he states he only feels pain when he feels love Or On ” F*ck Love where he is heart broken about someone who turned on him, with Trippie Red on the Chorus begging them not to throw there love away.

This album deserves a solid 8/10 for an amazing body of work, great lyrics, great production, and for expressing himself the way that he did. XXXTENTACION is young and has a long way to go but is showing that he has much more to bring, and is here to stay.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tamica says:

    You did a good job breaking it down 💯😊


  2. Jalen says:

    Good shit bro keep it up🔥💯


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